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Our school will define September as “traditional culture promotion month”. We publicized the traditional culture through activities like painted the blackboard, held lectures and so on in our school.  


With the rapid acceleration of industrial modernization, rural urbanization and the replacement of handwriting by computer, Our Chinese language art is gradually fading our in people’s mind. Our school has stopped to open Calligraphy courses. I felt hurt to see this situation as a teacher at school.

                           Teacher---Yan hai cheng

We not only want to show people the calligraphic art through this web competition, but also want to influence the next generation through telling them the older ones’ pursuing spirit to calligraphic art. It just likes Qian Xiang Wan Cai, which use the spirit to influence the entire west and even the whole world. As western students who love China a lot, we should do our best to publicize Chinese calligraphic art and help it to develop well.

                                                    Student---Liu ji li



Because our school holds the “traditional culture promotion month” activity and I love handwriting since I was young, I told my teacher my idea bravely. The teacher appreciated it than I expected and everyone thought it’s a good idea when we were choosing topic. Therefore, we defined our competition type as “local leader” and the competition topic as “Calligraphy Artist---Liu Duo”.

                                                   Student---Bai Hai Ping

I found that there are less and less people writing calligraphy around us. So if we can find a famous Calligraphy Artist there, I can not only enhance traditional culture, but also learn something from him. When my classmate Bai Hai Ping suggested focusing the competition topic on reporting Calligraphy Artist this year, I was very happy and supported firmly. Teacher Yan also thought is a good idea. He said this can practice us as well as make some contribution to the “promotion of traditional culture” and influence the next generation. Teacher Yan said:”publicizing is important in culture succeeding. We all very excited and decided finish this topic well after listening his words.  

                                                     Student---Zhao Lu Cang


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