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The calligraphy is Chinese character written art. It is not only Chinese nation's cultural treasure, moreover puts the extraordinary color alone in the world culture art treasure house. Chinese character in long evolution development historical perpetual flow, on the one hand plays the thought exchange, the culture to inherit and so on important social role, on the other hand it has formed one kind of unique plastic arts. The modern times after the research, origin about the Chinese writing, generally thought in were approximately 5000, about 6000 the Chinese Yellow River middle reaches " the Yangshao culture time ", had already created the writing. Because the Yangshao culture in 1921 first in the Henan rope Shantou Yangshao Village discovered that acquires fame. Nearly 40 remaining years of life, also one after another many discoveries.

In the world various nationalities' writing, summarizes has three big types, namely pictograph; Ideograph; Phonetic system of writing. The Chinese character is typical the ideograph which develops in the pictograph foundation. The pictographic word-formation method is comes out the picture in kind. However the painting tends the simplification, the abstraction, becomes the prominent characteristic in kind one kind of mark, represents certain significance, has certain pronunciation ...... Our Chinese character, from the drawing, the mark to the creation, the stereotypia, arrives at the small seal script from the classical Chinese literature large seal script, by seal, but the Magistrate, the regular script, the line, the grass, each kind of physique forms gradually. In the written application Chinese character's process, has had in gradually the world various nationalities writing alone one, may the independent class calligraphy art.


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