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Schoolmaster: Shang Qing Sheng

 Our school has participated in the net fair for 3 periods. During the 3 periods, we won two second prize and one winning award. During this net fair, except fully in charge of the creation work, I also took up the responsibility to guide the students’ webpage making. Though the work at school already been very hard, I still keep real-time attention and participation to the participating situation of this net fair in our school.  We finished our work on time under the community’s support. Therefore, I want to say that thanks for coming along with us all the way.


Guidance teacher: Yan Hai Cheng

I ‘v been very familiar with the Net Fair. Though the team I organized didn’t win the highest award, the Net Fair still brings our school a lot. I felt very content with it after seeing the students active signing up and interviewing as well as completing the webpage making through improving their own computer skills, because this is what I want to see.

Student:Liu ji li

My name is Liu Ji Li, a girl who is a little smarter with a good academic record and a good student in my teacher’s eyes. I didn’t participated in any competition, but I am good at computer. When teacher gave us the opportunity to participate in this Net Fair, I felt a little heavy burden but also very happy. I want to do something different. Therefore, except finishing my image processing task, I also did some webpage making work. I grew up through the more than one month’s work. On one side is that I learned more knowledge and what is most important is that I practiced my relevant fragile will at the same.

Student:Zhao lu cang

Hello everyone, my name is Zhao Lu Chang a 14 years old lovely boy. I have a happy family and my parents love me a lot. I love my family very much. I am interested in a lot of things, for example, dancing, painting and so on. I am very proud of myself for having been chosen as the merit student by Xi Ning Bureau of Education.

Student:Bai hai ping

 My name is Bai Hai Ping, I am a lively girl. I always sing at home and my parents always say that I am a chatterbox. I am about 150cm and I am proud of my long black hair. I am very confident and there is always a idea in my mind when doing anything: “Not to do done, just do a good job”

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Huangjiazhai Middle School