Our teams

   My name is Ma Shouqing, 14 years old. I am outgoing, active and open-minded with great interest in sports. I get along well with other members in the team. I am responsible for asking about and recording the details of the activity. I would like to be remembered by all of you.  
    My name is Ma Lan, 13 years old, lived in Zhahu village of Shishan township. I am introverted and quiet, but I have myriad of interests. Math and Chinese are my favorite subjects, and I also like doing extra readings and listening to music. I would like to learn more knowledge and behaving ways in the future study and life.
   My name is Ma Haiping, lived in Xipo Village of Shishan township. I was not good at study in primary school. After becoming a junior high school student, I still didn’t do very well at first. Afterwards, however, I studied much harder under the instruction of teachers. I am an aggressive girl and I am always happy at school. My classmates often ask me, “Don’t you have any worries?” Certainly I have, but I am a happy girl at the same time.  
   My name is Ma Zhilong, 14 years old, lived in Hongyahe village of Shishanxiang township. I am a native of Qinghai province. I have lots of interests, and basketball is my favorite. Moreover, I like and play pingpong very well. Sometimes, even teachers are no match for me. I think I should attribute the special talents to my considerable interest in them as well as to my careful observation and consideration. I am an ordinary girl.