Project overview

Description of “Our Community“:
   Ta’er temple is located at Huangzhong county in Qinghai, 24 kilometers from Xining city. Driver told us it took more than half an hour to get HuangZhong county. It is said that Huangzhong is a large agricultural country abound in pea, horsebean, potatoes and rape seed. However, we don’t see any golden rape flower and green bean seeding along both sides of the highway since the harvest season has gone. Some people say that the sky of Tibetan Plateau is the most beautiful, which is absolutely true. It is a season when the sky is clear and blue with floating clouds like clumps of cotton in various shapes inlaid in the overhung sea. Hills and ravines undulate along the road and give a deep visual enjoyment against the blue sky and white clouds.

Summary of Our Project:
    Tar’er Monastery is Qinghai 4A tourism scenic area, which is full of cultural connotation, among which Tibetan culture and ancient buildings. The reason why we chosen Tar’er Monastery as our research problem were that we want to learn a lot more about ancient buildings through detailed study of the Tar’er Monastery. And then it is good for promotion of Ter’er Monastery.

We encountered difficulties:
1,There is no computer classroom in our school. We had to go to the library to look up some information and the computer used for making webpages borrowed from teacher.
2、 We are junior school students in Grade Two, our heavy course load becomes too difficult. We did not have sufficient time to collect data, interview and make webpage. We employed our noon break to do a lot of job at school. That really was quite tired.
3, For getting more data, we usually spent the weekend collecting data, taking pictures and interviewing. It was night; everything was then clustered together to make webpage. Webpage-making is hard for us, thanks to teachers’ instruction, the webpage was finally completed.
 We were really deeply committed for this project. It was an unforgettable experience.

  How did your activities and research for this CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?
 Though CyberFair project, we learned many things that we couldn’t learn in class. We learned how to think, how to sort out materials, and how to interview somebody, more importantly, to learn how to work together. That is where we truly grow and our whole life can benefit from them.

Our Project Sound Bite:
   Cultural heritage protection has become most popular topics recently. Though this project, we got to know the history of Tar’er and Tibetan Buddhism. We hope people who come and use our web site to know the history of Tar’er and have great interest in its future development.