Our team Yang Bing-guo Feng Xue Guo kun-ming Wang Xiong-wei  
The Water Protection Team was founded on Mar 25, 2006. The team members are students in Grade Eight, Wang Yu-meng, Gaoyan, Yu Zi-jun, Zhang Jian-yu, Guo Kun-ming, Wang Xiong-wei and Fengxue. The goal of our team is to improve the local environment and draw public attention on environment protection.
Our report ˇ°The changes of river -- From water resource to Pollution Riverˇ±, which draw attention of local government. In summer vocation, our work ˇ°Research of Spray Phenomenonˇ± won the first prize in the 26th Beijing Youth scientific and technological innovations. Since Jingmi Channel is a main water supply to capital, so protecting water resource is the responsibility of every student in Beishicao Middle School. We formed the water protection team to picking up rubbish on the banks of the channel every weekend and propagandize regulations of protecting water resource in our community. With our influence, the leaders in Sishang village decided to launch an activity about using washing powder to exchange waste plastic bags.As long as everyone takes part in this activity, our hometown would become much more beautiful.
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