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I Project narrative£º

Title: Water for Live
Category: Environmental awareness
School: Beishicao Middle School, Shunyi District , Beijing, P.R.China
School website:
Completion Date 2/25/2007
Team name: Environmental protection guard
Teacher: Yang Bing-guo
Students Wang Yu-meng; Gaoyan; Yu Zi-jun; Zhang Jian-yu; Fengxue; Wang Xiong-wei; Guo Kun-ming; ages 12-13; worked together to complete this CyberFair project£®
II Project overview£º

1.Category: environmental awareness
2. Description of our community  

Beishicao Town, 40km away from enter of Beijing,covering an area of 33.5 square kilometers, is divided into 16 townships with a population of 14,000. The arable area is 3o, 000 mu. In its region, Jingmi Channel as the main resource to capital stretches 9.2km from west to east. The shortage of water resource is severe in recent years, which due to over exploring of underground water, pollution and wasting. In 16 villages of our district, most rivers dry up and others are severely polluted. If people don't protect water resource, the water crisis would happen in the near future. Therefore, we make research on this topic, analyze the reasons of pollution and propose our suggestion. We hope each person can realize the seriousness of the problem and protect water resource in daily life.

3. Summary of our project:  

in our research, we compare the water samples of the river in the past and present, and then we realize the importance and emergency to protect local environment. Also, we sort out the reason of water pollution in our hometown and propose suggestions. In our campus, we formed a "Water Protection Team", in which the team members get rid of rubbish and persuade people not to swim in Jingmi Channel. We hope everyone can pay attention on this serious problem, as it relates to the survival of human beings and sustainable development. In 2008 Olympic Games, the theme is "Green Olympics", a "Hi-Tech Olympics", a "People's Olympics". Two aquatic sports will be held in our hometown. We hope everyone can protect water resource to welcome 2008 Olympics.

4. Project environmental conditions:  
  Computer room
  ¡ñComputer room ¡ñOne air conditioner
  ¡ñOne server;
System: OTschool Ver3.0
Broadband system
¡ñclient-side: 24 computers;
system: OTschool Ver3.0
  One research laboratory for Cyber Fair
  LLab equipment
Biological microscope
Electronic balance
Pavilion distillatory
Intelligent illumination box
  Laboratory glassware
Experiment chemicals
  Outdoors experimental base
  Our chemistry teacher-Ms Dong Yin-ping is showing watery acid-based experiment to students.
Our biology teacher-Mr. Peng Li-ming is guiding students to write experiment reports.
5. Problems we had to overcome:  
Analysis of problems
How to overcome?
Lack of experience

1Team members have stress because of participating in the Cyber Fair for the first time.
2 we don't have experience in interviewing our headmaster.

1 Ms. Yang analyzes the last prize winter's website and encourages each team member to do his or her best .
2 our activity gets support from many people. Our headmaster cooperates with our second interview. With accumulation of experience, we are more skillful in the following interviews.

Not skillful in computer skills and web pages making As students in Grade Eight, we don't have much computer skills in information search 1 Ms. Yang gives students quick training in searching information by google, making web pages by DM, downloading picture, sending and receiving emails.
2 The staff in TTT guide us to solve problems in web page making by MSN.
Busy schedule Every week, we have two activities about our project. Because of lack of experience, we feel the schedule quite busy. There is some conflict between our study and participating in Cyber Fair.

1 we communicate with instructor in Tianjin by MSN once a week.
2 Ms. Yang rearrange our spare time to make website.

Lack of tools
1We don't digital camera.
2Team members have no vehicles when interviewing outside.

1 Borrow digital camera from others.
2 Borrow bikes from other students or two people ride one bicycle.

6. Our project sound bite  
  In our research, we realize the importance of environmental protection. In the past, we felt that the environmental problems, like air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution, were far away from us. However, according to our research in 16 nearby villages, we find out that the only river left turns to be pollutant and other rivers have dried up. In the river, there is no hop toad, not mentioned other animals. The over exploring of underground water and pollution have threaten people's daily life. For example, in Wugezhuang Village, villagers have to drink water from other villages. From now on, we should do something to protect water resource and our environment. We believe that as long as we endeavor, our hometown will become more beautiful.
III Project elements:

1. Goal and purpose:


in our research of natural environment protection, we do interview, experiment and analysis, in which we put knowledge on textbook into practice. What's more, our propaganda of protecting water resource is realized by our community and people's concept of protecting environment is improved.

2. Information tools and technologies


Computer software:
¡ñDreamweaver 4.0 for webpage editing
¡ñFireworks 4.0 for graphic processing
¡ñACDSee 6.0 for graphic processing
¡ñOffice 2000 for textual information editing,

Hardware facilities:
¡ñDigital camera

3. In what ways did your students act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your International Schools CyberFair project both on-line and in person?

The headmaster-Mr. Huangjie is our first interviewee, who receives the interview plan from our instructor-Mr. Yang Bingguo. Although Mr. Huang is very busy, he cooperates with our work for two times. In the following research, we get to learn the history and present situation of Maoniu River. The local villager-Mr. Yang Guanglai tells us more stories about it. This becomes our precious interview records. When we go back school, we hold a series of activity to let more students know the importance of water resource protection.

4. What has been or will be the impact of your project on your community?

Because of our hard work, we arouse public recognition and passion for water resource protection. To our surprise, the leaders in Sishang Village launch an activity about using washing powder to exchange waste plastic bags, which greatly improves local natural environment. In our interview, we get to know that their activity is used to foster villagers' conception of protecting environment. Our research draws public attention. Our "Protecting water resource activity" was reported on Beijing Water Newspaper. The water administration sends silk banner and letter of acknowledgement to our school. Tianjin Ou'ge Bicycle Factory donated 20 advanced bicycles to "Water Protection Team" in Beishicao Middle School. Through this project, we have established good interaction with the community. Our actions are full of passion, and we behave with full confidence.

5. The explanation of intellectual property rights
More than 90% of the word material comes from our interview or edition and others are cited from websites, such as "Regulations on Jingmi Channel". As for each citation, we offer its web page link in bibliography. Most pictures are taken by students and others by the instructor-Mr. Yang Bingguo.
6. Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises
  At the beginning, we don't have confidence in finishing this task, as we have neither digital camera nor experience of participating in such an international competition. With the development of our research, we learn to make web pages and possess pictures. Its' our first time to organize an interview; however, we learn much knowledge beyond textbooks. In participating in Cyber Fair, we broaden our knowledge scale and deepen our thought. In the future, the natural environmental protection will be a hot issue. In our research, we realize the importance of environmental protection. In the past, we felt that the environmental problems, like air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution, were far away from us. However, according to our research in nearby villages, we find out that the only river left turns to be pollutant and other rivers have dried up. Thus, we organize activities to foster local people's conception of protecting water resource. Our parents, schoolmates and people in community voluntarily join in our activities. At the same time, the research has enhanced our teamwork spirit and improved our communicating and interpersonal abilities. We have also gained the valuable experiences of interacting with others; this ability will be a long-life benefit for us.

Hunt up references in the library
Sort out the materials together
IV Contribution:

1 Collect relevant material
2 Interview
3 take photos
4 write report
5 research on water resources
6 activities of water protection
7 Record interview
8 Write and edit
9 Make website
10 Writing project narrative


1 Group meeting
2 Assignment
3 Computer skills trainning among the students
4 Instructing students in experiment
5 Outline plan
6 Computer instruction
7 Webpage making

Offer information
People in community
Participate in water protection activities
Local enterprises
Offer bicycles
Water authority
Offer material and photos of water protection laws
Beishichao Middle School
Offer experiments and labs
Town and Talent Technologies
Offer internet service
V Thanks a Lot
local water authority Sishang Village heads and villagers
Villager Mr Yang Gung-lai headmaster-Mr Huangjie
our chemistry teacher Ms Dong Yin-ping scientific teacher Mr Du Yun-ming
biology teacher-Mr. Peng Li-ming other students's cooperation
teacher Mr Yang Bing-guo Town and Talent Technologies
VI Reference:
Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition
Jinghua Newspaper in 2003
Regulations on Miyun Reservoir, Huairou Reservoir and Jingmi Channel
Beijing Water Newspaper  
Du Gui-sen, Liu Xiao-duan, Liuxia and etc., "The analysis of water example in Miyun Reservoir", ACTA HYDROBIOLOGICA SINICA, 2004£¬8.£¨2£©£º190-196
Du Gui-sen, Wang Jian-ding and Zhang Wei-ua, "The analysis of water samples of rivers and lakes in Beijing", Beijing Water, 2002£¬6£º56-59
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VII Website
The River From Potable Water to Pollution River Pollution Investigation The Youth Technological Innovations
Jingmi Channel
The important water supply artery
Team in conserving water Allied law enforcement
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