In 1948, Mr. Sayling Wen was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.

In 1960, he graduated from primary school, and continued study in Normal University attached middle school.

In 1963, he studied in Educational Experimental Class in Normal University attached middle school.

In 1966, he studied in Taiwan University major in electrical engineering .

In 1970, he graduated from Taiwan University with a degree in electrical engineering.

In 1971, he completed the service in army and continued study in Electrical Institution of Taiwan University. Together with Mr. Lin Baili, he invented the first mini computer in Taiwan.

In 1972, he founded SanĄŻai Electronics, and served as the president.

In 1973, he served as general manager of Jin Bao Electronics in1973, as well as general manager.

In 1975, together with Ye Guo-yi and Zheng Qing, he founded Inventec Co.,ltd.

In 1978, the profit of the profit of Jin Bao Electronics exceeded 100million. exceeded 100million.

In 1979, the profit of Jin Bao Electronics exceeded 100million again.

In 1980, he left Jin Bao Electronics and served as president in Inventec in Aug.

In 1982, he recognized Mr. Lin Yang-gang with introduction of Prof. Pi.

In 1984, he served as the general manager of Inventec.

In 1988, he served as the vice broad chairman of Inventec.

In 1991, he founded Taiwan School in Malaysia.

In 1992, he developed simultaneous report system.

In 1996, he published his book named Success and Happiness.

In 1997, he published two books named Future; and Bitter and Development of Taiwan Economy.

In 1998, he founded Tomorrow Studio; and published book named East Asia Financial Storm.

In 1999, he published books named leader The Future of Media, The Future of Education, The Future of Business.

In 2000, he was authorized as DMPN by Malaysia Government and published the simple Chinese version of The Future of Media, The Future of Education, and The Future of Business.

In 2001, he published books named West Development in Ten years; WenĄŻs opinions on New Economy, New Work and New Wealth; Looking forward to Future.

In 2002, he became the deputy of ABAC, and published Economic Mode in Future, China West Region-New Investment Spot for Taiwan Businessmen, and Farewell to Poverty and etc.

In 2003, he published the series of English Training software, donatedSARS Handbook. In Jun, he published books named Future of Chinese Economy, and Future of Taiwan Youths. Prior to his passing, he was in the midst of assembling a new work of over a million words entitled The Bright Moon of the Qin Dynasty. In Dec 4, he lived in Hexin Hospital. In Dec 7, Sayling died in Hexin Hospital.