"Sing Hallelujah tothelord¡­¡­", hundreds of students in Yellow Sheep River Vocational School sang the song to their favorite helper Mr. Sayling Wen. This was his favorite song in his life. Seven days ago, Sayling was dead because of cerebral hemorrhage in Taipei.

During his life, he did great contribution to education in rural area in western China. His death was a lightning bolt to the people in YSR. Because of him, students could have the opportunity to have access to computer and Internet. It was him that they broadened their vision.
Sayling once said,"as a Christian, I believe that everyone should play his role well in his life." He did so. His contribution, such as scientific industry, knowledge-based economy and altruism was the best illustration.

Honor Sayling

In Dec 7, thousands of people gathered in Yellow Sheep River to honor the initiator of Town and Talent project, Mr. Sayling Wen. He died one year ago. Sayling's relatives and government officials attended the one-year anniversary.

Dated back to four years ago, Sayling, a famous Taiwan businessman, he implemented the Town and Talent Project in mainland China in order to carry out the theory of developing western China within 10 years. Mr. Wen was always deeply concerned about what he could do for his country and how to best make the Chinese dream a reality.

He was born in 1948 and later graduated from Taiwan University with a degree in electrical engineering in 1970. Over the course of his career, he served as general manager of Jin Bao Electronics in1973, as well as general manager, president and finally vice-chairman of Inventec Group in 1980. During his time as vice-chairman of Inventec Group, Mr. Wen was noted as a far-sighted visionary and placed in charge of strategic development. He used his keen business instincts to readily adapt to the lightening innovations in high-technology.