Qilian Mountain is as majestic as always, the Gulang Gorge still plunges as steeply, and the YSR still flows protectively around the town. There is still a severe drought, harvests are unchanged, and the residents of YSR continue to struggle to survive on infertile land. The average altitude is 2230m. the area is 175km2.YSR has 81 rural settlements, 15 village governments, with the population of 30071. the annual rainfall is 300mm.

The young children of farmers are still forced to drop out of school toclick to view big one immediately find work. However, smiles now bloom on the lined faces of the elderly. The hope and confidence in the eyes of the youth inform us that YSR will soom bid farewell to the plight of poverty. The bleak cycle of fruitless, backbreaking labor from season-to-season, harvest-to-harvest, will soon end. The impending Internet village is heartening sight for all.