Interviewee: Mr. Liu Guo-jin, villager in Majuantan Village, Yellow Sheep River Town. He is 57 years old, who had a conversation with Dr. Kenny Lin. There are ten people in his family, in which 6 are children. He has to work as migrant labor in other places.

Liu Guo-jin's family

Q: why did you attend the foundation ceremony of YSRICC?
A: we were invited by Sayling Wen.

Q: what was your feeling at that time?
A: it was the first time that I saw so many people in Yellow Sheep River. Some people even climbed up on the tree. I was very excited.

Q: what¡¯s your opinion of Sayling Wen?
A: well, he really did a lot in mountain areas. It was him that brought new technology to us. We believe that his western development in 10 years will come true.

Q: Sayling has gone, do you still believe in Town and Talent Project?
A: yes, I think so. Though he has gone, his work is still carrying on. For example, Mrs. Lin donated Libaijia Primary School; the teaching building in Yellow Sheep River in under building. Everything is going on very well.


It is the first time to participate in Cyber Fair. I can¡¯t help exciting. Leaving from Mr. Liu, we come across another senior villager, Mr. Ma Qi-shan. His living condition is worse than Mr. Liu¡¯s.

Q: Have you participated in Sayling¡¯s bury?
A: yes, he is a great man. I sent him a wreath. It is him that our children have the access to computer and Internet. But he left us so early. He cried.

Ma¡¯s sincere words really impressed us. We think that everyone admires Sayling¡¯s contribution.