We went to Zhang San-jie's home on one sunny day. This day we were lucky (Click here to see the day we were unlucky.:), her mother was at home. She warmly invited us and treated us with tea. When we told her the main purpose of our visit, she took out one delicate Tibetan gown to us at once. All of us wanted to try on this beautiful gown, but it was too large and so what we could was to help Zhang San-jie to try it on. She really looked quite beautiful with such a dress. If I have a Tibetan gown one day, how handsome I will be!

The kid we met in San-jie's home was very cute, he had a pair of big black eyes. Although his clothes were quite dirty, we all loved him very much, and he played joyful with us.

If we had the chance, we would like to visit her home again.

(By Shan Jian-lin, Tubote Team member)


Beautiful curtain hung on the door of San-jie's house.
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Huarui Tibetan costume and accessories not only have the style of traditional Tibetan dress, but also have its own characteristic. The dress's sleeves are short and light, it is easy for pasturing and farming. In other Tibetan areas, the sleeves are several inches longer than fingers. The material to make gown is special. Lining is often added for a summer gown, and the material for lining is usually cotton. If the family is rich, silk is the material for lining. For winter gown, white or white and black lamb fur will be made inside, and silk is often the material for the face. At the bottom of the gown, otter fur will be added for 3-6 inches long. Shirt is often made of silk and other material.
Young people and women like to wear bright-colored and delicate dresses. Different from other Tibetan areas, the collar has three to four layers; each layer is made of silk with different color. Man and the old often wear in white or light colors. From neck to axil, there are four buttons in a shirt, and golden border will be made in some of dresses.

Fox fur hat is made of fox fur, satin and silk. .Huarui Tibetans especially like a kind of hat that goes with formal dress. This kind of hat is made from black woolen textile, and it is nearly seen in other Tibetan areas.

Waist band is also essential. In other Tibetan areas, people only wear on waist band, but in Tianzhu, people wear several. Especially for young ladies, they would wear at least two. The material for waist band is usually silk. Men usually wear one waist band, and keep a small knife about 8 inches long.



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