On October 8, The members of Tubote Team and our classmates went to the grassland to learn Tibetan Dance. That is fantastic, and we will show you Tibetan Dance through our words and pictures...

Students are learning Tibetan Dance
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Today is unforgettable.

Our teacher Mr. Pu took the team of Tubote to the grassland near the school. Although it is late autumn and the grass has turned to be withered, our costume for dancing looked very beautiful under Snow Mountains.

The best dancing teacher at our school was invited to join us. At the beginning, we were some little shy. With the encouragement of the teacher, we gradually felt relax and began to learn. I especially like Guo Chuang Dancing - people stand to a circle and dance together with bright rhythm. Although at first we are really layman to this, but we were deeply moved by the atmosphere, followed with the teacher, we actually grasped the skill only by dancing for several circles. At last I totally forgot the time.

After we went back to school, we accessed to the Internet, and then I got that Tibetan dancing classified to several kinds. There are lots of knowledge and skills to learn. If I have more chances in the future, I would like to learn more.

(By Gao Ji Li, Tubote Team member)


In the brilliant sunshine, a group of young children dancing joyfully under the white Snow Mountain, this is so beautiful a picture.

I know nothing about dance, and never dance, but I enjoy watching dancing, because that is the explosion of enthusiasm. I enjoy better to see that students put away the embarrassment and dance together. The smiles are especially brilliant.

I could not help to think of the song: 'you don't need to hesitate, don't need to be distressed. You have your own brilliance in the wind of youth.'

Some students looked a little upset, I asked them and then knew that they did not performed well for the middle term examination. This song was for them.

(By Mr. Pu Cheng)




1 Guo Xie
It is one kind of Tibetan dance joined by a group of people. When during a festival, Tibetans put a big jar of Tibetan barley wine on the ground, and people surround it to a circle with hand in hand. The dancers sing by turns and move from left to right.

2 Dui Xie
A kind of step dance. It is first popular at the street of Lhasa, so some call it as Lhasa Step Dance.

3 Lang Ma Xie
It is one kind of elegant lyric dance. The front part of the dance is slow singing and then change to allegro, like step dance.

4 Guo Chuang
Guo Chuang, the meaning of circle dancing. At the start, men and women respectively stand to a circle hand in hand, and step with singing. With a cry 'Yah!' to end the sing, dancers quicken the steps and dance quicker and quicker, end in a passionate allegro.

5 Xie
Dancers imitate actions of peacock when dance Xie. 'Peacock drink water' is performing program in civilian, it is a kind of dance to pray for lucky.

6 Rou Ba Chou
A kind of acrobatic dancing performed by vagrant artists.


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