Titles to address a Tibetan

Today, our plan is to visit Tibetan village. Tibetans are very hospitable. They let us take photos for them without any refuse. The only thing is that they don't want to show too much of their poverty. The task of this interview is about the titles of Tibetans. For example, Tibetans will call an elder sister as 'Ahdai', an elder brother as 'Ahou', an uncle as 'Ahka'. The investigation showed that Tibetans like to add 'Ah' before a title. This may be a word to show respect. (Interviewed on Nov.18, 2006)

Tibetans' Homes
We visited a Tibetan's home to get more information of local Tibetans.
There was a wood rod in front of the house, Prayer Flag waved in the wind. It appeared to pray to the God in the sky. When entering the living room, there was a Tibetan picture on the wall, Tibetan calls it as 'Lang Ying'. It stands for lucky. The hospitable host invited us with mike tea and fried pie. When he got that we would take this interview to participate the competition of Cyber Fair, he said that we are doing a thing meaningful.
One old Tibetan Granny aged 85 made us felt very moved. When she heard our request, she put down her tools in hands and took photos with us. (Interviewed on Nov.20, 2006)

Firewood & Yak's Dung
Firewood and yak's dung are two necessaries in Tibetan home. Due to the cold weather in Tibetan area, the most important thing is to get warm. The most material in local area are trees in mountains and yaks, so firewood and yak's dung turned to be the ordinary thing to get warm. To protect the environment, woods are not allowed to cut down without permission, so people here only pick up some dried firewood. We hope that firedamp could be used in future, then that will do good to our environment. (Interviewed on Nov.20, 2006)


Tibetans house looked from far away
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