Huarui Tibetans' Food

Huarui Tibetans mainly ate dairy and meat in the past. Affected by agriculture society and some of Huarui Tibetan areas have changed to semi agricultural semi pasturing area, Huarui Tibetan's dietetic structure also changed. The main food is pastry, and meat and vegetables are accessorial. Huarui Tibetans like to eat Zanba (a kind of roasted barley flour) , beef and mutton.

In Tianzhu, when summer and autumn come, every family would dry meat in the sun, which could be eaten during winter and spring. In summer, every family in pasturing area will make yoghourt, that is a good food to get rid of hot. Tianzhu located under the mountain of Wu Qiao Ling, its elevation is 2040-4874 meters above sea level. So the climate is cold here. Few vegetables could be grown here, except radish and cabbage.

Huarui Tibetans are good at drinking. When in a festival or a guest comes, they will welcome with wine. When Tibetans toast to a guest, there must be three bowls to show the meaning of lucky. When guests take the bowls, he should use the third finger to touch the wine, then flip the finger for three times to toast to sky, ground and god.

If the guest cannot drink, he should hold the bowl with both hands and refuse to drink, to show the respect to the host.

The daily drink for Tibetans is milk tea. The cooked tea added with salt and milk, this is the best drink for all. Huarui Tibetans don't eat horse, donkey, dog and cat. And also, they won't eat food by steal and rob.

(Some of this article is extracted from Tibetan Daily)


Zanba, a kind of roasted barley flour
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