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Description of "Our Community"
Tianzhu, which the Tibetan call Huarui, means the tribal of the hero.Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County is the first area to carry out regional ethnic autonomy after the founding of the People's Republic of China,attached to Wuwei City, Gansu Province. Tianzhu's a major component of the Huarui Tibetan Autonomous Region, as the main body is Tibetan. Here is the ancient ancestors of the Tibetans to habitat. After long-term evolution of the integration, Huarui Tibetan has been formed with Tibetan mainly. Also due to its special geographical location, its clothing is different from other Tibetans.
Summary of Our Project
1. Through training, students can understand Huarui Tibetan clothing and use a variety of digital devices.
2. Through live interviews, students can understand the characteristics of Huarui Tibetan costumes.
3. By collecting materials, students can further understanding of Huarui Tibetan costumes.

Computers and network equipments in schools:
there are three computer-labs and 216 computers, where Internet reaches up to 10MB.
Problems We Had To Overcome:
First, tight schedule. It was difficult to make time to do the web from the tight schedule of our high school students every day. in order to overcome the difficulties, we often spent time of extra-curricular activities on collecting materials and making web pages in computer rooms. We have taken the only day of rest in a week to finish two of interviews. However it is worth when the gorgeous Tibetan costumes were shown out.
Second, lack of the necessary knowledge of web producing. We have learnt less technology skills on web producing, due to little contact before high school. We often learnt from each other and shared it in the most intuitive way to make web pages within the specified time.
Third, lack of necessary knowledge of data compilation. Some data were massed because of our lack of experiences, as some required material couldn't be picked when doing the web pages efficiently.
How did your activities and research for this Doors to Diplomacy Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?
It was an attempt for us to do the interview while we were planning the Net Fair project with digital cameras and camcorders. We should use text processing tools to process texts, image processing tools for image processing, and web page creation tools to complete the web pages, which just matched our information technology courses. And all helped to enhance what we have learnt.

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