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project narrative >>>Course of events

Oct. 10. 2011,Organization team.

Oct. 16. 2011, the first group meeting to explain, research and discuss the webpage contest.

Oct. 20. 2011, the second group meeting to arrange responsibilities, develop project schedules and plan the project.

Oct. 25. 2011, the third group meeting to study and revise the proposed project schedule and the project plan.

Oct. 27. 2011, formally submitted plans and structure diagrams in exchange area.

Oct. 28. 2011, the forth group meeting to study and develop site templates.

Oct. 29. 2011, the guide teacher explained the webpage contest issues and put focus on the interviews.

Nov. 3. 2011, develop the second phase of the plan and the division of the interviews.

Nov. 4. 2011, interview in the producers' house.

Nov. 5. 2011, interview in the Tibetan elderly.

Nov. 8. 2011, he instructor explained the basics of creating web pages in multimedia classrooms.

Nov. 9. 2011, finish the interview materials and web-page materials.

Nov. 10. 2011, web production.




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