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Hongshan Culture is not familiar to the people of the world and even to the locals. So we decide to take it for our International Schools CyberFair to introduce it to more people. We love our homeland more than before when we learn more about it. We will workhard and build our hometown more beautiful in the future. There will be more people to know and concern the beauty of Hongshan culture through our project.
the helps
1. Thank Professor Sun from Chifeng College, who directed the topic at the beginning of the study and described the historical origins of Hongshan Culture.
2. Thank northern Hongshan Culture Research Institute, Hongshan evening paper and Chifeng Museum, who provided some valuable historical information.
3. Thank the principals and teachers of our school, who provided the venues, tools and technical guidance.
4. Thank our teacher and all of our classmates, who help us a lot and gave more encouragement.

Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises (Optional)
The biggest harvest is that we learn more which not provided from the book. We just learned simple knowledge of how ape changed into mankind. We learned how our ancestors working and living, and the projress of human society is so long and so rough. we should cherish the hard-earned good life of today for everyone, for it takes our ancestors thousands of years harkwork. Nature play a very important role at the human history. So we must protect the nature and the peace.

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2、company Hongshan Evening paper
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