Description of "Our Community" Chifeng city is located at the southeastern of inner mongola, the combination of meng, ji, liao. Chifeng is named by the red mountain at the northeastern city, which is belong to donghu in the period. In 43rd year of Qing dynasty, the chifeng county was set, at the guangxu emperor ruling 32nd year, it comes to zhilizhou. In 1946, rebei belongs to zhaowudameng. The chifeng city was set, regulating the county system. There are all together 4 distircts, 7 flags and 2 county, with the total area 90725 sqaure kilo. With length as 375 kilo, and width 457.5 kilo. There are 30 people, such as meng, han, hui, man, with the total population 4.6 million, meng people 82000 people.
The city enjoys long history and culture, the origin of Chinese culture. The relic site has been found as much as 6800. since the historic culture, chifeng become the center of the minor people activity, the origin of the bronze culture and qidan, liao culture. At the 8th five plan the xinlongwa gathering site of aohan is the one of the big finding of the old exploring to decide 8000 years of Chinese culture, which is named by the first village of china. In the fengniuteqi, the red mountain marks thing—jade dragon, was named as the first dragon of the china. It enjoys the rich resource with the medal ranking the first of the whole district. Grassland, desert, ice, stone forest, spring and the natural resource and culture of red mountain, grassland, qidan, liao culture, mengyuan culture. The conditions of developing the tour is unqiue. It stands at the connection of northeast and middle, which is the important part of bohai economic zone, with the easy radiation from Beijing, tianjin and shenyang for its unique location and convenient traffic.
Chifeng industry has the mineral, medicine, paper making, leather, chemistry and machine. The agriculture has wheat, corn. With the wide future, and development potential, it has the frontier of the western development. With the continue perfection of the infrastructure, the city was enhanced for the all progressed society and spirit culture.
Our Computer/Internet Access
Our school has 20 for the staffs with all available to the internet for our searching files. Item: progress report
Problems We Had to Overcome
  as the people in chifeng , we don’t how to start this activity to the red mountain and how to plan the structure. we take the time to ask the teachers and people around us , as well as looking the culture. Finding some books and collecting the details, we get the start.
time the students should take the study as the top, we can only use the time after school to work, so we have not enough time to research. we can only use the leisure time, weekend, and holiday to make up.
in this activity, we have no experience, so it is normal we take time to go around. through this activity we can summarize the experience to lead the activity, our webpage can be perfected with the continuous practice.
the details related to the red mountain culture is rare, we occasionally meet the books possessed by the owner. Some of them are quite expensive and not useful. is a pity that we miss the details, we can only to ask the scholar and museum, finally our work can be good, though not the masterpiece.
facing the problems, our diverting is normal. we can work together to cooperate and finalize the thoughts to solve the problems.
all the site is far to our research. We have no fund so we have to walk or by bicycle hard can not stop us, and add our power.
Our Project Sound Bite
Through this activity, we learn the knowledge beside the class. We know more about the big change of the history. Our ancestors, earth and homeland, we deeply feel that our happy life is not easy, the thousand year culture is the rime of human wisdom and the shared fortune of people. We should love peace and away from the war. The wheel of history goes forward fast.
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