Damage of Desert


>>The damage of desert to the environment /Student Jin Edit

It has big damage to the environment, the sandstorm results from the negligence of the

desert damage without any regulations on time. Some places always have such weather, even

the muddy. People go to work against the wind and sand. The sand hurts the people's face.

People can hardly open the eyes. All the plants were

flown by the sand. The leave whirls in the wind. The

flowers show no life.

The people's life is no longer beautiful. The land was

occupied and the road was stopped by the sand. People
Sand Fly/ Drawed by Zuo You

have o harvest and convenient transportation. Nothing is perfect.

In the village, there is no home near the desert. Going out in the morning, the door cannot

be opened, because he sand jams the door. The sand storm is terrible. It can pollute the

environment, all a mess. People's life is no longer beautiful. The sky is grey, the yellow

sand rumbles. It makes great damage to the earth.


>>The hurt to the agriculture /Student Yu Edit

The square meters get large and large. The expansion of the desert to the agriculture is

big. Though the people publicize the desert prevention, the farmland is going. All the

farmlands around the town is covered by the agriculture. All the seed are covered by wind

and sand. Some of them are even peel. All the roots were dead.

The people clean their house, but everyday sand is in the

house. Some of the door are closed by the sand after night


But the farmers were all in the land. After being busy for

Desert Swallowed Crops/ Drawed by Zuo You a whole year, they were waiting for the harvest.

But the sand ruined the farmland. So this year was hard for the farmers.

So people should pay much attention to the farmland of our homeland.

>>The hurt to the transportation /Student Jin Edit

The square meters grow every year. Numerous green land was eroded, and gradually

hurt the transportation. When the sandstorm is coming, outside it is dark. The way

front was not available. If continuously going, people will die. Even after the storm,

the road was covered by the yellow sand. All the car had to stop.

If driving at night time, the drivers cannot see the yellow sand and continues going. The

better is car not moving, the worse is car falling down and people dead.

It once happened in gaoren town. The desert stopped the road overnight. All the cars

towards yinchuan delayed. Sometimes it has to go back to taole town. The sand stops the

zhongwei county railways. Sometimes there are guardians protecting the railway.

Raiway was blocked/Drawed by Jin Jieyi  
Impassabal/Drawed by Jin Jieyi
Not opened his eyes/Drawed by Yu Mengtian


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