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>>Realizing the desert damage /Student Feng,Zuo Edit

1.The sand square meters clasp big parts of the world, affecting the people's life. It hurts

the environment, transportation and agriculture. People's life is no longer that beautiful. If

the people no longer take the measurements, world will be full of sand eroding the farm and

farmland. So we have to take action by fighting against the desert. Realizing the desert

hurt can arouse more people joining against the desert. We are the guardians of earth. We

trust we can overcome the devil of the desert.

2.Long time ago, people around the desert always herded in

the desert. Every spring, thesandstorm came, it covered the

sky and plant. Even tough the plants were rooted, no harvest

every year. The desert life troubled the people. When the

storm came, people had to stay at home. In addition, the door
Green is hope/Drawed by Lv Yuwen

could not be opened by the sand. Meanwhile, the transportation was affected by the sand.

After the storm, the road was covered, the car could not go, so the transportation was not

normal. The desert hurt cannot be measured.

Gradually, the hurt from the desert aroused people′s attention, and the sense for

environment was enhanced. People started to think how to regulate and protect, so the

technicians started to think to use the grass grid to regulate the desert. Using this grid can

make the hurt of sand better and ease the hurt to the plants and the inconvenience to the

transportation. Seldom people herded on the desert. Planting many anti-dry growing on the

desert, we can see there is a little green color.

Before, people damaged the desert and were affected by it. Now

the people protect and regulate the desert. Making the desert

Awakening/Drawed by Zuo You balance, the green emerged there. The life went back to normal.

Actually, as long as we protect the desert, enhancing the environmental sense, we can live

with the desert.

>>The effective way to treat the grass /Teacher Yan Edit

1.fence to nurture:

The fence was surrounded by the sheeps. Restoring the plant naturally

2.the big root planting: planting the root at the sand edge and salt land with low dent and

yellow soil district. It can only grow as deep as 1000 meters for better growing.

3.The grid of grass: it will put on the desert, planting the bushes in the grid.( huabang,

shaliu, yangchai, suosuo, shaguizao, shamuliao) useful to hold the flowing sand and half solid

sand district.

[The way]

Put the wheel on the flowing into the grid, pushing into the sand at the cross. Without time


4.rain season scattering: there are 3 ways. One is flying to plant, two is artificial flying to

plant, three is the rain season scattering. The first two are mainly on the flowing sand hill.

The third is mainly after june and july, using on the appropriate sandhill for the yulin hole.

Putting the seed into the hole with the water in it, it is good for seed growing. Yulin hole is

the mould made by iron to dig the holes in the desert for water saving.

Grass Grid  
Pit Scale


>>The fruit regulating sand /Teacher Yan Edit

1. In 2002—2004,before the project invented by the Japanese started, the sand district

was wideless, farmland was always covered by the sand. The wheat planted in the spring

were always rooted, the house around was always covered. There is one word locally: door

cannot be opened because of overnight wind and sand. Before the coverage of vegetation

was less than 5%, after regulating 30%. Though seldom, but we can see green.

2.the forest regulating area. This district was set as the basis, mainly regulating the natural

forest. The coverage of vegetation was enhanced and the environment was obviously

improved. The sandstorm was eliminated.

3.the old cadres planting the trees. The district cadres was organized from 2002 to 2007,

planting more than 10 thousands tasks. Now the vegetation was more and desert was no

longer growing.

4.the fence area: there is the natural vegetation but the herd largely hurt the natural

vegetation. The natural vegetation was restored, there is green color in the desert. The

type of vegetation was more and the biology was protected.

A lot of flower wand  
Desert Green
Desert Autumn


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