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>>Interview /Teacher Yan Edit

1. >>>Interview to Han Dexiang

Surface: handexiang was nearly 70 years old. He is the first farmer to regulate the desert.

He once listed the model national in 1988 ningxia, rewarding the gold medal by dengxiaoping

who encouraged him: be hard. Today we had a face to face interview with this silent hero

for regulating the sand.>>>>>>[Click here]

2.>>>Interview to Xu Huimei

Surface: she is a technician from the forest department, donating his own life at her

position.>>>>>>[Click here]

>>Tree planting /Student Yu, Liu Edit

Every year we want to plant trees with today is no exception. Teacher told us one day

before, we prepared fully back home. we prepared the water, bread, and biscuits, with the

basin and shovel.

After long way walking, we finally came to the destination. Looking afar, there is only

vegetation. teacher said that this is our battle. So we took the tools our own and then

worked. teacher gave us the assignment, 18 of us was to dig >>>>>>[Click here]


>>Call for regulating /Student Jin, Zuo Edit

China is a country which lacks of water resources. It has been listed as one of the most

lacking water countries by the UN, which is the result of the desert expansion.

Every year, there are 10 million square meter of land which is replaced by the desert. It is

like a hungry animal, reaching to the beautiful land and forest. We should stand together to

save the earth. There is one >>>>>>[Click here]


>>Protecting the life in the desert /Student Zuo, Feng Edit

Today teacher led us to the desert. On the way, we saw many small animals, like chicken

which were running and playing. We have never seen them before. Fengxiao told me that she

once saw this animal before at his grandmother′s home. His uncle once catched some in the

surrounding desert. Grandmother once killed one for her. As its sounds like guagua, so

people all named it as guagua chicken. >>>>>>[Click here]


>>Initiating /Student Lv, Meng, Bai, Jin, Teacher Yan Edit

The desert is the top of the current ecological crisis, calling the cancer of earth. Our

country become one of the most bad country in the world. According to the statistics of

national forest >>>>>>[Click here]


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