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>>Close to us

In the process of making the webpage, I met many problems, but overcame them. With the

continuing effort, unstop working, there is nothing which can overcome. Fule said? Action is

the best fruit of knowledge. >>>>>>[Click here]

>> Thank you

My home is a neighbour of the desert. In order to make the homeland more beautiful and

start a harmonious development, I hope our group can work more for the harmonious

development between human and nature. Finally, I hope our group >>>>>>[Click here]

>> Research report

Here record our experience and enthusiasm, calling for more faith to the march into the

desert >>>>>>[Click here]

>>Our story

Previously, we interviewed Han dexiang. He told his experience of regulating the sand, which

moved us a lot.

The early of 1980s, due to unlimit cutting the desert got worse, gradually influencing

people's life. After the sandstorm, >>>>>>[Click here]





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