Ningxia Desert


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Ningxia district is most suffering from the desert. Districtwide the desert clasps

1185 thousandhectares, 22.8% of the district. Maowusu, wulanbuhe and tenggeli

surrounds ningxia from east, north and west. Especially tenggeli desert is the one

near the city center around the country. It is is also the one close to rail- and


The main desert of ningxia is scattered at taole,

yanchi, lingwu, zhongwei. Taole desert has 16667

hectare with a main terrace, flowing and solid

hills, as well as flat sand, calcium sand in poor

ability. The underground water between the sand

hills are from 1 to 5 meters. The weather is dry

and less rainfall. Vegetable plants areseldom,

mainly being in the relatively moisture sandhills
Map of Ningxia

and flat sandplaces.

Taole is located in the northeastern China , the edge of maowusu sand place. it

clasps 40000 hectares, 19% of the country. It has become the main factor of the

whole country economic and social development.


>>The history of desert /Teacher Chen Edit

China is the biggest country suffering from the big square of sand. According to the

2004 waste land statistics, the total square meters was 2 .636 hectare, 27.46% of

the country.

Long time, especially entering into 21 st century, the government pay much attention to the

protection. In 2001, it regulated < anti-sand law>, and stated a series of protection

project to stop the extension of the wasteland. In the end of 1990s, the wasteland meters

shrinked into 7.585 million square meters at the early of 21 st century.

Ningxia is the worst province at the national wasteland with 118.5 million square

meters, accounting for 22.8%. There are 13 counties, 40 towns, 600 villages, 132000

hectares \ 1210000 hectares square meters suffering from the key project. With

an effective series of complex regulations the situation could be stopped. The

wasteland shrunk 53000 hectares during the 10 years from 1994-2004. Realizing

thechange of the wasteland speed keeps the security of ningxia ecology, promotes

the sustainable development.

Regulation of the district
The past of desert
Today of desert


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