The Yellow River valley is the important birthplace of china's ancient civilization. The cultural ecology of open, inclusive and harmonious reflects the spirit of great breadth of mind, creatures’ generation after generation. Building the gold bank of the Yellow River is an important process to speed up the construction of Ningxia urban agglomeration and economic circle, and it is a strategic measure to realize the leap forward development of the economy. The museum of southern frontier, lies on Tianhewan Wetland Park east to Binghe Avenue on the west of Pinglu Huanghe Bridge, is the important part of city on this process.

   The museum of southern frontier is the landmark on whole wetland park, up is a 42.05-meter, built in the style of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The three floors of exhibition hall cover 2106 square metres. The first floor, “the Yellow River comes from heaven”, to show the majestic momentum of the Yellow River through large electronic sound and light landscape, and to show the whole process of the Yellow River flows through Ningxia through the river in the sky, waterfalls, Huanglong dance of Ningxia three parts. The second floor, “the Yellow River in the world makes Ningxia rich”, through text, pictures, objects, to perform life of farmers here, with their ability and cleverness, rich natural advantages, to develop agriculture, water conservancy, they turned Ningxia into a beautiful Southern Frontier. The third floor, 4D digital museum was constructed, to take the picture of the scenery around the Ningxia aerial humanities and natural landscape, allowing visitors to enjoy the visual personally on the scene, in recent years, Ningxia has made brilliant achievements in the fields of industry, agriculture, tourism, city construction, truly feel the magic, beautiful and rich Ningxia.

   At present, the construction projects of the main venues and exhibition facilities have been completed. Annex both the east and the west sides,visitors' Center,restrooms and rest area constructed and put into service. Improve the one hour traffic circle with self driving tour during the trial operation.

Museum in the evening sun
A glimpse of museum
A video: bird’s-eye view of museum
The Yellow River comes from heaven

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