Rich world of the Yellow River in Ningxia.

The serene Yellow River meanders its way from west to east.
Winding undulating mountains, forceful and boundless.
The long history of the Yellow River culture gives sons and daughters of the Yellow River confidence in pursuit for happy life,

Ode to Ningxia ——Li Dongdong

Ode to Yellow River Golden Bank —— Wang Zhengwei

The introduction of Shizuishan three mineral resources:
Coal, silica, red stoneware

Ningxia canal

Canals in Ningxia have a long history, which is the historical testimony of generations of working people building water conservancy projects, developing agricultures with Yellow River.

Emperor Jingzong of Western Xia built canal
Western Xia attached great importance to its agricultural development. Making good use of the west high east low topographic features, the founding emperor Li Yuanhao built a more than one hundred kilometers long Haowang Cancal along the Helan Mountain from Qingtongxia into the place.

The oldest Weining plain
Weining plan refers to Zhongwei plan, of where the exploitation history is glorious. As early as over 2,000 years ago, the ancestors living here irrigated their farmland by utilizing Yellow River waterfall. It is one of region using water wheel in ancient China.

Roaring Pingluo county industry.
Pingluo county takes advantage of rich resources on mining, electricity, talents and lands to develop regional economy, forms the industrial group.
At present, batch of big projects and big corporations with distinctive regional features which stand for the direction of industrial development in future become fundamental forces of Pingluo industrial clusters.

The latest developments in County
Pingluo County is a old town of the Frontier with a long history
In recent years, Pingluo county is printing the grand blueprint of Pingluo County, establish "one country with two wings" ideas, implement the Western enclosure, upgrade project of eastern city, county landscape changes rapidly. A modern, fashion, Livable, functional and new Pingluo county stands on the shore of the Yellow River.

Top hundred counties in western China
Frontier of small Jiangnan, Pingluo county

The Rich world of the Yellow River in Ningxia exhibition hall from a different Angle shows very important in the history of water conservancy construction in ningxia shizuishan, industrial, agricultural PingLuo, PingLuo lake wetland, etc.
In the bugle sound of revitalization, this hot land is full of vitality. It is building the future with unprecedented new posture, and striving for the goal of industrial prominence, environmental harmony and people's happiness.

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