Project narrative


Title: The museum of Southern Frontier, Ningxia
Categories:Local Attractions (Natural and Man Made)
The date of completing project: November, 2017
School: Pingluo County Taole Middle School
School Address: Taole Middle School, Pingluo County, Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hui Nationality Autonomy






Wu Jiaying



Provide support in digital camera, computer classroom and software

Yao Chunhua



Class one, Grade nine

Edit written materials, collect information, webpage making

Ma Li



Class one, Grade nine

Photography, take notes, webpage making

Ning Qiang



Class one, Grade nine

Photography, take notes, project planning

We have participated in CyberFair in 2013, 2014, but some students taking part for the first time.

Project overview

    Our team consisted of students who are interested in computer operation and curious about the change of homeland. Ordinarily teacher instructs us to write story about West china and operate computer. Our team worked together to fulfill project webpage making under the direction of our teacher.
2、Summary of Our Project
    Taole is a little-known western town of China that rural life is always leisurely and comfortable. People here make a living by farming, they love this piece of land and love their mother river, Yellow River so much. By searching internet and visit, we got know that The Museum of Southern Frontier did not set up a web site as it opened. It is less of an important platform for spreading our homeland in the rocketing development of our internet. So we conferred with teacher to help museum with advertisement, to promote our homeland tourism business.
    After deciding on a research topic, an important thing we need to do is to collect materials. There is so little actual report on the internet, in other words, to set us to digging! We asked teacher to help us with contact staffs of museum. On a sunny day, we set off from school. When we took the bus across through Yellow River Bridge, watching the Yellow River slipping slowly away, we were bursting with excitement. After 10 minutes, we arrived, and were greeted by museum curator, Mr. Liu. He told us that museum rebuild from August, which has been temporarily closed to the public due to some of the equipment being overhauled in the other provinces. And then Mr. Curator introduced us a museum's docent, who showed us around the museum.
    Following along with the docent, we have had a careful look at all the products on display and took some photos. But planning website layout was an unexpected challenge to us. We studied all the materials we collected, with all the students' collaborating together, and our project website has been taking shape. Gradually, under the instruction of teacher, we overcame all kinds of difficulties and finished our website on November.
    Looking at our project website, we were very happy. It fully demonstrates the strength of league, and proves that our abilities are improving. We really hope everyone love and care our homeland from this site.
3、Our Computer and Internet Access
    School has the LAN system by ADSL connection. Currently, our school has 142 computers and provides us with an adequate e-learning environment. We have 3 well-equipped computer labs available for our use.
4、Problems We Had To Overcome
    (1) Collecting materials is not easy. Because museum of Southern Frontier is a new museum, we got few resources from internet. So we have to visit and interview on spot.
    (2) Little study recourses. We need using computer during the whole studying, but computer labs are available for a limited number of hours each week, and we are live on campus. So the rate of progress is very slow.
    (3) Security issues. There is a certain distance from school to museum. Parents and teachers worried about our safety when we were out of school. So we were cutting out trips to museum, to collect as much useful information as we can every time.
4) Our time is limited. We all have classes during the day, there are no more time to communicate with instructor. So our work did not go well.
5、Our Project Sound Bite
    Thank many teachers, students and museum’s staffs’ help and support. By interview on spot, not only we learned how to communicate with people, but we got know a lot of information about the changes of Pingluo County, and further enhance the ability of social practice. Thanks to this research project, our computer operation skill is improving. In the whole process of research project, we found that nothing is impossible for a willing heart.
6、How did your activities and research for this CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?
    In IT course, we made the most of times to ask teacher about the knowledge of webpage making. We asked teacher the way to write transcript after interview and materials collection when we had Chinese lesson. Under the instruction of teacher, all content correlating with websites are finished.

Project elements

1、What information tools & technologies did you used to complete your CyberFair project?
    Equipments: digital camera,digital video, computer, mobile phone, portable hard disk Software: dreamweaver 8,fireworks 8,word,Internet Explorer.
2、In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.
    The whole process from deciding research topic to finishing webpage, we visited the museum of Southern Frontier, where we interviewed museum curator and staff, we told them about our project, they were very interested in it and their support and positiveness for us. They also hope that this project website we made would introduce northwest China, the beautiful homeland, and the new museum.
3、What has been the impact of your project on your community?
    During the research project, many people talking with us did not know the museum was once an open museum as they passed by bus, they thought that this magnificent building is a landmark. By reading our website, more and more people who are not familiar with Pingluo County started to know this small town in the northwest of China. They found this is a good place to visit with their family on weekend. Our project has the support of many teachers and students. We also got our taste of the beautiful of homeland, and love this piece of land more.
4、How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?
    The museum of Southern Frontier is neither far nor close to our school, about five or six kilometers. How shall we go there? We can't rest easy until we heard that teacher drive us. And so we have enough time to tour of museum, including looking at the scenery and Yellow River Bridge. A warm reception from museum curator and explanations made by narrator got us a great support on materials collecting. We are grateful.
5、 Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises
    After deciding the research topic, we planned the website layout as we collected materials. We thought we would apply what we have learned on IT lesson to making webpage, which could enhance our knowledge in the study. Meanwhile, we can feel the significance of teamwork.
We didn't prepare well enough for visits and webpage making. It severely impacted the expression of site topics. It was our first cooperation, everyone’s difference idea cannot avoid disputes. Thanks to teacher came to resolved in time, which could benefit us.


“Traces in golden bank” By Xie Minghai, Inner mongolia people's publishing house
“Eminent figures in Pingluo” chief editor: Du Qian, Chinese Book Company
Taole county annals
Shizhuishan News :

Thanks a lot

Throughout the whole process, we have had a lot of problems, especially our first make webpage. Luckily, we overcome these challenges, and thanks for the friends' support.
Thanks school leaders, with their support we could go to visit.
Thanks Talent and Story company for providing technical guidance.
Thanks museum staff, it makes us interview smoothly with their help.
Thanks to teacher's guidance, he accompanies us to collect, read and sort out materials, webpage making.
Thanks each team member, our close cooperation made us to fulfill task successfully.

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