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Atomic City

  In 1950s, China Nuclear Weapon Development Base was located on Jingyintan Grassland, Haiyan County. It was on this 1170 sq km penalty area, Chinese scientists struggled on developing atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb.

  On Oct 16, 1964, China’s first atomic bomb was successfully tested; on Jun 17, 1967, China’s first hydrogen bomb exploded. The speed of successful developing atomic bombs became a miracle in world’s science history. Also, Jinyintan-the atomic city, is famous all over the world. On May 15, 1995, the base was declared to be out of commission. From then on, the General Building, the 6th post, weapon testing ground were preserved and labeled as national key Cultural Relics Preservation. The monument “China’s First Nuclear Weapon Testing Ground” written by General Zhang Ai-ping, was standing on Xihai Town. Nowadays, it has become a base for youth to receive patriotism education.