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Description of 'Our Community'
Gui'de County is located at northeast of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, which has five towns and 100,000 population. The whole area is 3600 sqkm2 and the altitude is more than 2500m. It belongs to plateau continental climate, which characterizes in strong sunshine, dry in winter and spring, cool and wet in summer and autumn. In Gui'de County, the natural environment is beautiful. It's rich in vegetables and fruit. Different ethnic groups live together, including Han people, Tibetan, Hui and Mongolian. Among them, Tibetan population occupies 33.48%.

Summary of Our Project
Our project title is Tibetan culture in Gui'de County, in which Tibetan occupies a large part. We mainly research on its history, folk traditions, living environment, festivals, place of historic interests, culture and art. We have acknowledged the importance of teamwork in addition to improvement on making website. At the same time, colleagues from Town and Talent Co., Ltd have given us a lot of support and help. And our main purpose is to make more people know about the Tibetan traditions.

Our Computer/Internet Access
With the help of Town and Talent Technologies, we set up LAN in campus. We have computers having access to internet with the broadband system at the speed around 2M and our team members learn much computer skills through this international web site making competition.

Problems we had to overcome

Not clear about project title.
1.lack of experience in participating in Cyber Fair.
2.Team members don't know much about the Cyber Fair.
1.Get information of Cyber Fair from TTT staff-Mr. Zhangyan and Ms. Li Zhi-hua.
2.Discuss with instructors.
Not skillful in web page making and other computer skills.
Team member are different in computer skills.
1. Instructors guide team members how to use computer in spare time. 2. Team members learn computer skills by ourselves in campus.
Team members have little commonly free time apart from the time for group activities.
1. Students in grade nine have less time in group activities.
2. the schedule of interview is not arranged well.
Communicate with teachers in Grade Nine, who arrange team members study and spare time; call the interviewees in advance.
classifying material
Team members have no experience of classifying material.
1. instructors guide us to search information on books and on internet.
2. encourage team members to do interview.
1. team members don't know Tibetan, so we can¡¯t communicate with Tibetan people.
2. We don't know how to solve language problem.
The translation teacher introduces Tibetan traditions to team members and encourages us to overcome the problem.

our project sound bite
We have got a better knowledge of Tibetan traditions. The activity has enhanced our teamwork spirit and improved our communicating and interpersonal abilities. We have learnt a lot about communication with others. Although the process of research is harsh, we know that there is no harvest without sowing. The sweet fruit comes only with hard work. We have also gained the valuable experiences of interacting with others; this ability will be a long-life benefit for us. By working together on the project, we have a fresh knowledge about ourselves. We not only see the merits of others, but also realize the strength of ourselves. With a common goal, we learn to respect, communicate, be considerate and understanding ' .

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