Project narrative
Project overview
Project elements

How did your activities and research for this International Schools Cyber Fair project support content standards, required coursework and curriculum requirements?

Through the Cyber Fair, we learn to practice, self-questioning, exploration and innovation. We break out of the classroom, and learn from the real-life environment and experiences and from various experts in history and culture. Through this research project, we have learnt how to search for information, how to conduct an interview, how to organize information. These abilities will become our life-long assets. Although due to the busy study, we had to do the work at noon break time and weekends and sometimes we were very tired, we have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Framework of our project

What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your International Schools Cyber Fair project?

Facility category
Hardware facilities
Computer, digital camera, scanner, flash disk.
Computer software
(Adobe Photoshop CS2);
(Macromedia Flash 8 );
Word2003, Dream weaver MX 2004;
Ulead Video Studio 9.0.
for graphic processing;
For flash processing;
for webpage editing and textual information editing
For video processing.
Common facilities
Digital camera.
Search relevant information;
Arrange interviews;
Record interviews;
Take pictures.
newspaper, magazine, library, meeting room and computer room
Those things are offered freely by school.

In what ways did your students act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your International Schools Cyber Fair project both on-line and in person.
We consider it our responsibility to make the public understanding Tibetan traditions, thus we should play the role of 'community ambassadors' and reveal this history to others. Our interviewee-Wande Cairang is the relative of our translation teacher, who told him the sense of participating in the Cyber Fair. Wande's family is 12km away from our campus and we team members walk to his house in Nov 6. After returning, we realize our research result in the form of signboards, as well as a homepage hosted by the school website. Apart from being a resource for countryside education, the homepage also allows citizens to deepen their understanding of the local history through the Internet. The website we make is believed to make more people know about Tibetan culture.

What has been or will be the impact of your project on your community?
Through this research project, we have come to know more about Tibetan tradition and culture. We are fully confident that our work, when finished, would be the most exhaustive online resource on Tibetan culture in Gui'de County at the moment. In the process of research, we find that many Tibetan traditions have disappeared with the development of society. Many electronic objects appear in Tibetan family, which is a symbol of social development and also a shock to Tibetan culture. Many young Tibetans think that their traditional food is less delicious than Han people's diet. Therefore, protection of cultural assets has become the most concerned issue in the past decade. We hope that our project would not only deepen the public's knowledge, but also arouse their recognition and passion for cultural assets. We all have a kind of passion and confidence unique to ourselves. Through this project, we have established good interaction with the community. Our actions are full of passion, and we behave with full confidence.

respect intellectual property rights
Every word on our web site is written or edited by our team members. 95% pictures are taken by us; other pictures are picked from Guide Government's picture album, Civil Bureau's material and other books. Thanks to Mr Suonan.

Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises (Optional)
We have got a better knowledge of Tibetan tradition and culture. The activity has enhanced our teamwork spirit and improved our communicating and interpersonal abilities. In our research, we found that seniors would like to keep traditions, while youths like to pursue fashion. Many Tibetan traditional tools are abandoned. We feel quite pity not to take pictures of these tools.

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