Inspiration from Grandma Li
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Inspiration from Grandma Li

  Shall affection never deceive to regret, ingenuity would keep the wonderful crafts.
  We were deeply touched by Grandma Li's complete passion on embroidery and pains would nurture unlimited gains. Grandma Li was only a common folk artisan presenting the profoundness and exquisiteness of the Tu nationality's folk culture, from which the Tu women's talent was also displayed.

  Pains of Being Uneducated
  It was said that the beautiful Tu embroidery was a blessing cloud bringing you good luck, happiness and strong health. These pleasing and decent Tu embroidery works such as “peacock playing with peony,”“sparrow visiting the plum,” “fairy Charles's Wain” embracing well-proportioned patterns and bright matching colors, can you imagine that all of these marvelous are made by an illiterate rural women ?
  Grandma Li was upset upon talking about education. She was illiterate that even her signature was just studied during these two years' work which could be referred from that booklet. In heavy heart, she was frankly saying that it was really difficult for one people to earn his living without education. We were grieve at hearing all these, because she was also in great need of a partner beside when she was outside for contest or exhibition, just being afraid being lost.