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We lead the road
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■Ba hometown

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Ba mountain and valley water history

It enjoys a long time history and is a rich land with many talents. Dazhou belongs to the ancient ba area. Since the eastern Han Dynasty in emperor yongyuan´s 2nd year (90AD), it set the county to regulate, with the local, town, house and special house. In sui and tang dynasty, it was in the name of tongzhou. In song, yuan, ming, qing dynasty, it was named with dazhou. With a history of about 1900 years, dazhou was an important part to the original daxian county area. In 1993, it set dachuan area. In 1999, it set dazhou city. Dazhou once nurtured zhang sixun, the song dynasty literature, and Tang zhen, famous thinker in the Qing dynasty. Dachuan was as an important part of chuan shan a revolution basis. Xuxianqian, lixiannian, xushiyou, wangweizhou, the revolutionist once bleeded here. From here zhangaiping, chenbojun, weichuantong and xiangshouzhi, very famous commanders, came.


Dazhou folk culture

Dazhou brought up many literature. At the end of ming dynasty and early qing dynasty tangzhen was its representative thinker. There were also famous poets in the Tang Dynasty. At the end of Ming Dynasty lizhangxiang was master of art and culture. His early enlightenment thinking was expressed in the work of <tianwenge literature volume>. Our modern famous geographic zhuchengxi, biologist zhuquanrang, painter zhupucun, the theorist and doctor on literature yuhong, the philosopher yangchao are all famous people coming from Dazhou.



The building characters of chuandong


In the ming and qing dynasty, the citizens tried a mix of experience and skill. This combination is expressed by houses with tiles and the harmonious stone board road. All the frameworks made out of bamboo and wood. The walls are coating or half-wooden walls. The streets are all made out widen roof which guards from the sun, rain and wind. This is good for the vendors along the streets. Most of the houses have a yard at the back. Their style is pink walls and tiles.



The old street/
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Wood windmill/
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Black tiles/
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Basin surrounded by hills/
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Literature and book interact with the red army culture
Ancient culture works with today´s modern time

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