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Li feng:here are wind and rain along the life way. Where there is a will, there is a way. We should continue with the future without being afraid of the wind and rain.

Zhao qinglanYesterday is gone, no more love. Today is gone, treasure the current. Tomorrow decides tomorrow, planning the blue print. I am a kind and active girl, facing the life with a smile, leaving the blue sky at the corner of the world.

Li biji(Teachers):I am working, so I am successful.

Zhao yingchun(Teachers):Because there are flowers in spring, yearning, Yearning summer because plenty of free, Yearning, because I yearn for autumn harvest in autumn.

singceen(Teachers):Life is the extension of a dream. Life is like a dream but you never wake up. The Lenin street is my homeland, the carrier of my childhood dream. I like this land.

Zhou bailiang:I am zhou bailiang, 9th class grade one, I am the engine of this class.

Yao qingqing:Sunshine is always after wind and rain.


Literature and book interact with the red army culture
Ancient culture works with today´s modern time

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