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Paifang history

Paifang is used to appraise the marks, names, and political achievements and loyalty, which are also used at some palaces and temples to mark the position. It has another name of pailou, which is the memorial building, publicizing the feudalism and achievements. Paifang is the additional building for the temple, showing the ancestor’s high achievements and sacrifices.

Paifang’s category

Paifang, for its purpose, can be divided into four categories: one is achievement, for memory, second is pudicity for the loyal woman, the third is the achievement for the people and for ancestors. The forth one is the mark which stands at the entrance of the town and street for the screen in space.

From the structure, it can be divided into five categories: the first is the board. The underground part is called the diding and made out of cypress. The second is glass. They are mostly used in the Buddhist building, where the wall is out of yellow and green glass looking brilliant. The third is the stone building, which most likely can be found in the parks and streets. They are very complicated with the characterized cravings. If the stone is hard, the craving is not only vivid but also the complicated picture can not fade after hundreds of years. The fourth one is the cement, which is the product of the temporary building art. The new building are not in large quantity, most of them are for reinforcing projects. The fifth is the colorful, which is the decoration, mostly used for the daling, temple, market entrance. It will be eliminated after a while.

Chuandong paifang

Paifang is a Chinese special gate hole building. <modern Chinese dictionary> meaning is that the building in the pailou shape appraises the figure. In thousand years, the pailou develop not only spread to all china, but also to the ocean, standing on other countries and is a typical mark of chinese culture.

Paifang is not only the unqiue building structure, but also the combination of cravings, paintings, writings and handwritings expressing the ancient people’s social life method, feudalism, the traditional method, ancient people, charming with the art and high value and the deep historic culture. Every stone paifang is an artwork. Chinese traditional cravings are round, transparent, high cravings, shallow cravings and inner line cravings. 



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