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The value of the ancient building

Ancient building and town

The ancient building protection principle


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The value of the ancient building

<Venice charpter> said: all the generation´s cultural buildings contain all the information left from before. This is the witness of hundred years of people life. We have to transfer all the information without any change.

<people republic of china relic protection law> point out that: the relic building enjoys the historic, art and scientific value. In details, the historic value means the historic information of the ancient building, helping us to know the ancient people life; the art value means the ancient building enjoys the beautiful and decent shape, and available to beauty, the scientific value means ancient building has solid and reasonable frameworks and unique material, showing advanced skill. In addition, the ancient building also shows the folk culture value, arousing the local proud and loyalty feeling value.

Ancient building and town

The ancient building means currently all buildings, block, village, city old area, and even all the ancient town. The ancient value is the first item in our national relic protection company, which is also the most quantity, and a wide category. But, with the fast development of town-city process, the small town face big chances and challenges. With the plan of the small town planning and building, we can only protect the ancient buildings, so that we can extend the city history and make the city colorful and charming.

The ancient building is the mark and symbol of the town, blindly building or damage may let the ancient building color fade. With a good plan the ancient buildings can be decorated colorful.

The ancient buildings are the key of the city style. They build the foundation of the city cultur basis.

The ancient building protection principle.

Altough the knowledge how to the protect the ancient buildings is limited, some well-protected building were more damaged.

We must have the ancient building protect, restored and repaired. Then we can develop the tour site. Developing systematically is the key. The still site and lower developing level is the taboo of the tour resource. It is a must to develop the historic relics and the whole environment. The ancient building protection and harmonious town building development principle— we have to protect the ancient building, activate the new block and old town, create the village town character and make a great contribution and build our small town. Scientific plan and sustainable development principle—we must get rid of utility thoughts, using the scientific development and building, without any short-term action.

In the town building, we should respect the historic tradition and cultural development to the village town with many historic heritages so that we protect the local folk culture continuity and highlight the personality and characters. In digging the ancient building historic value, we should equal the tour with the development and protection of ancient buildings to encourage the small town buildings long time development.


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