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    "In order to embody the highest value in life, leave flash footprints, unwilling mediocre to beyond myself, be an advanced communist party member, it is my coordinates of life". This is the motto of Yuan Jiaxiang comrade. A 62 - year - old communist party member, a junior high school graduate, he had successively served as a party branch secretary in Big Wood Mountain village of Yin Jia County for 14 years, once won the county labor model, advanced representative of Da town region. A former 5 years full-time cadre of Hua Cong administrative office for industry and commerce; From 1982 to 1984, he served as township enterprises secretary; A civil affairs assistant of Yin Jia County since 1989; A long-term supernumerary personnel in party and government department, who seemingly not famous, but he could work for several decades in the center of the Yin home party and government departments, and got praise from leadership of each session and trust from people.

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School: Sichuan province's bazhong city Yin Jia primary school
Yin home center primary school , BaZhong City, SiChuan Province, P.R. China       Tel:013778794208