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1、Description of “Our Community”: in town Bazhou district is located at the junction of 3 counties of Ba, Yi, Lang, and scenery is beautiful here with talented people. Big Wood Mountain, located in the junction among the county of Ba and Lang, is more beautiful, just as wonderland. The particular stone sculptures on mountain are art treasures. Big Wood Mountain was largely ignored the past, now it is hot, which it has great relation with a man over 60

2、Summary of Our Project: After many visits to the Big Wood Mountain in person, we have deep awareness of tourism culture in hometown, further understand a giant below the Mountain---Yuan Jiaxiang...... Through the understanding of the old man in many aspects, we feel quite a lot and gain more.

3、Our Computer and Internet Access
: Our school use ADSL to access the network, students don't access to the web at home. 2 computers in school office can access Internet, but computer configuration is relatively low and work much slower. There is no computer classroom in school, so the website is build by students under the guidance of teacher, which completed on the teachers' office computer by using of our spare time.
4、Problems We Had To Overcome?

  Computer network speed is slow  。
  fully use the extracurricular time
 to find information online,  。
  as long as willing to make brain-storm,
 there's always way.?  。
  school students aren't familiar with 
image processing software, strange to 
the web page creation,?  
  Learn to use,?ask?the teacher
  Through the study, we quickly mastered 
the essentials of image processing software,
  severe deficiency of team activities.  
  make full use of the weekends and
 extracurricular activities  
  carefully arrange the activity plan.  
5、Our Project Sound Bite 
Yuan Jiaxiang is only an ordinary civil affairs assistant, but he shares difficulty for the government and solves problems for 
the people, for society with all heart, devoting to the person, who is the pride of Yin Jia people. Through contacting with the 
old man over 60, we have a more profound understanding of the "great man" by side.。
 Although our strength is still very thin, all  aspects of the level is not high, we already pass selfless dedication of the  noble
 quality of Yuan Jiaxiang to friends all over the world. More than 50  days, for a common goal, though very hard, we get more is happy!
 Believe that  through our efforts, we will have a deeper knowledge of our hometown, a better  understanding of people in hometown!

School: Sichuan province's bazhong city Yin Jia primary school
Yin home center primary school , BaZhong City, SiChuan Province, P.R. China       Tel:01377879420