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  In 1945, he was born in Big Wood Mountain, Yin Jia county, Bazhong town In 1962, he graduated from junior high school in Langzhong Thousand Buddha middle school. In 1966, he gloriously joined the communist party of China organization In 1969, he officially held position of brigade party branch secretary. In 1982, Obeying the organization distribution, he served as township enterprises secretary. In 1985, he went to the Hua Cong administrative office for industry and commerce, holding position of individual association cadre. Since September of 1989, being civil affairs assistant of Yin Jia County so far.

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School: Sichuan province's bazhong city Yin Jia primary school
Yin home center primary school , BaZhong City, SiChuan Province, P.R. China       Tel:013778794208