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Title:  Walking on the path in the Big Wood Mountain

Category:Local Leaders
The si tuation: 5 students, ages 14 worked together to complete this Cyberfair project after 50 days. Under the direction of our teacher, we try to make webpage first time. Although our work is not so good, we did our best to get ourselves in the project.
School::Sichuan province Bazhong city Enyang district Yinjia primary school
Principal:He Dingliang

Address:No,14 Yinjiapu street, Yinjia township, Bazhou district, Bazhong city, Sichuan province

School: Sichuan province's bazhong city Yin Jia primary school
Yin home center primary school , BaZhong City, SiChuan Province, P.R. China       Tel:01377879420