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Yin Jia County is most minority live town of Bazhong city, Big Wooden Mountain is also the holy land of the Red Army fighting, in decades, economic development is slow with steep mountain road, no characteristic of scale economy is the root cause of poverty. Nearly 60 years old man Yuan Jiaxiang have been obsessed with calligraphy from children, early produced the thought of engraving ancient and modern calligraphy and painting on Big Wood Mountain stone walls.

In 1988, the first time he went to the Yin Ling Mountain, two whole days lost him in the forest of steles in the art of calligraphy. In 1992, when hearing that Yilong Jincheng village has hundreds of inscriptions calligraphy, he just walked to learn on feet overnight. In 1996 the fourth time he came to Yin Ling Mountain, when he saw some former tablet calligraphy forest of steles have been exposed to the weather, being frost erosion and appeared blurred, he was really sad. How can make the painting and calligraphy art on the wall keep much more durable and intuitive? After consulting a large number of data, visiting folk artists, and summarizing a set of unique inscriptions calligraphy and painting engraving skills, He resolutely decided to develop folk tourism. He told the idea to his wife Zhang Yulan, who repeatedly dissuaded "Lao yuan, you are already fifty years old, why still do this?” While he was unhappy, a childhood good friend mason Yuan Xueshun said to him:" Lao yuan, built inscriptions of calligraphy and painting, I support you! "Then in the spring of that year, in the case of no money and no equipment, Yuan Jiaxiang finally officially began to do it in Big Wood Mountainside.

Since then, in the Big Wood Mountainside steep cliff, we can often see two lonely figure in crazy busy. The engraved calligraphy and painting works is a very fine trouble, first it needs to dig a grotto in the rock, then flat stone surface, put the calligraphy and painting on the rubbing extension of the stone surface, use the most original chisel tools to sculpture, finally to dye painting works. A painting at least cost one to two months. In these engraving calligraphy and painting works, some can be found in books, but some are got by Yuan Jiaxiang in hard far away from home.

In 2002, in order to obtain the Wei Wu Emperor’s calligraphy, he went to Cangxi for three times, trouble getting calligraphy garden management office comrade to agree, with a sincere heart at last touched them, who agreed to put works of Wei Wu Emperor’s written calligraphy “Roll Snow” into rubbings to take back to the Big Wood Mountain. In 2001, in order to obtain the "Hong Xi" two words of Yan Zhenqing style's calligraphy, he regardless of the elderly climbed up the tall wall of Cheng Guanglang family, Huang Ni village, Yin Jia County, spent the whole day to just trace down two words in paper.......

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