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In order to collect ancient and modern calligraphy and painting of celebrity and virtuosi, because of the lack of funds as well as the Big Wood Mountain was still in development, he has been despised by some people. In recent 10 years, in addition to work, he has spent the most time and energy on searching for money, ancient and modern Chinese famous painting and calligraphy, when meeting people, he never to say three sentences without talking about one's own work. Whether on the way or in someone's house to persuade hard, he finally got a lot of people’s support.

In 2001, Yilong county construction boss Fu came to visit the Big Wood Mountain calligraphy and painting inscriptions and had investment intention, so Yuan Jiaxiang went twice to Yilong, but happened to the boss went on business trip, the third time he finally found the boss who finally was most impressed by the old man’s sincerity, generous took out 600 yuan promptly... In this way, all bestowed calligraphy and donors are engraved plaque to stay. After the calligraphy and painting carved, he made CD and photos for sending to related person actively, and all the money donations used for carving and construction, this sincerity, good result won the highly praise of people in the society.

Now, Big Wooden Mountain garden, Tang dynasty inscriptions statues, GuanYin hole of the Ming and Qing dynasties, Deng Kui cave, Waterfall cave such as heritage have been repaired. In the steep calligraphy and painting inscriptions of more than 800 meters long, 100 meters high, there are about more than 250 artists and famous people’s work, more than 300 calligraphy and painting containing thousands of calligraphic art inscriptions, more than 30 poetries praising for rock......


Yuan Jiaxiang’s efforts finally paid off, there more and more popularity of the Big Wood Mountain. At the same time, in the concern of the people, leaders at all department levels also took much more attention. Yin Jia County government affirmed the new thought of folk tourism By Yuan Jiaxiang elderly, supported planning Big Wood Mountain’s 800 meters long painting and calligraphy gallery, Bazhong city relics' management center also approved the solution at the same time, praising Yuan Jiaxiang do a "very good thing" and support him.

After visiting the Big Wood Mountain wonderful pictures, we visited some local people and the government leaders, everywhere we can hear people's praise to the old man, all said he is: "The sage shares difficulty for the government, solve problems for the people. In The sound of rejoicing, we entered the Yuan Jiaxiang old man's home, no one would believe that his family is so simple. His wife smiled and said to us "For 10 years, Lao yuan not only spent all his wages on calligraphy and painting inscriptions, but also having cost money of selling pig and children working outside, look, now he even has no decent clothes......" When we are in Big Wood Mountain forgetting to return, Yuan Jiaxiang said to us: "Now we just walk out the first step to success. Bazhong is the hometown of the Red Army; Yin Jia is the location of the Soviet, where is the place of Red Army generals Wang Shusheng, Xu Shiyou, Song Lie once fought. The Red Army left rich calligraphic and painting works in this hot land..." Listening to the old man impassioned rhetoric, we really felt he has left a never grinding historical monument for the Big Wood Mountain...

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