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          On his ordinary position, the old man, Yuan jiaxiang did an extraordinary job. He is a good example to us all. As well, he is a public-spirited person. In his decades of work, he successively raised funds for building two bridges in hometown, constructing road more than 10 kilometers. He is more emphasis on the education of the younger generation. In the face of the current society of temptation, he always in a variety of ways educates generation of indifferent to fame and wealth, proud of seeking benefit for the people and society. He often went to school to give students tell stories of revolutionary in his leisure time, carries on the revolutionary tradition education. At the same time, as long as hearing someone visited the Big Wood Mountain, he would always do everything possible to return to the Big Wood Mountain to make obligation of guiding and explaining for visitors.

Made reports to students
Went to school to have traditional revolutionary education for student in his leisure time
To demonstrate "paving way" for students
The old man volunteer as tour Guide for students come to visit
The old man volunteer as tour Guide for students come to visit
Correcting holding pen gesture of students who visited the Big Wood Mountain
Tell the story happened in Big Wood Mountain for "tourists"
He volunteer to work as a guide for students come to visit
Visit with the "tourists"

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