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      In 1966, at the age of 22, Yuan Jiaxiang gloriously joined the communist party of China organization, from then on, the people of the Big Wood Mountain cannot leave him, and in 1969 he formally served as a brigade party branch secretary. He often said: "As the cadres who want everyone to obey you, you must take the lead to work first." Indeed, when being branch secretary, he led the villagers to constructed water conservancy, terraces, newly built five Yan ponds, three kilometers channel; built six orchards, a large tea garden, which changed the backwardness of Big Wood Mountain. He not only attaches importance to agriculture, but pays more attention to educating and promoting talents. As a leader of one village, he manifests the approachable characteristics everywhere. People often say he is an expert in mediation of civil disputes.

     Obey the tissue distribution in 1982, he served as the township enterprises secretary for two years, taking use of the leisure time to corporate with company worker Xu Bing, they did two sewing technology training, which provides technical guarantee for more than 60 young men and women of employment. In 1985 to the Hua Cong administrative office for industry and commerce, he hold position of individual association cadre, who obligations of holding a haircut, repairs, sewing, cooking and so on training. In September, 1989, he was appointed by the county civil affairs bureau and Yin Jia party committee as civil affairs assistant. In addition to do his own job, he also took the initiative to undertake large and difficult villages, carried out basic education in every period of the countryside. The old man promoted new technology, developed the productive forces, and actively solved the hot and difficult problems.

     When encountered drought in 1997, in order to solve the problem of draft, he first introduced wells digging technology to Yin Jia County, took the lead on digging wells for the Big Wood village building water stone canal, endowment 1000 yuan which originally use for pig mat multivariate development in his own home. For the protection of basic farmland, he private spent 2400 yuan to build field ridge with stone and protecting wall of 10 acres in 245 meters. He uses all available relationships and channels to share difficulty for the government and solve problems for the people. He is ready to help others, personally delivered Zhang Shaoquan three people of Water Dam to change artificial limbs in Da County, successively for 5 cleft lip and palate patients did plastic surgery. During the work he pushed forward the reform of burying, which cremated more than 80 remains. In Nanchong southwest Petroleum Institute, he collected 30 cases of clothes, more than 2000 piece which solved the needy 300 households. For Yin Jia good teacher Zhang Rongchang raised 460 yuan to cure in hospital... He visited more than 60entitled groups, over 20 infirm orphans, 13 special low families of the entire county, listened to public opinion, cared for the populace hardship, sent to the government's care and warmth. People all say comrade Yuan Jiaxiang have the never finish reading book, never finishing doing things.
Comrade Yuan Jiaxiang visited the poor old man
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