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In the research activity, we have got strong support from many units and individuals, thank you them in this.。
·The people's government of Yin Jia County;                                   
·Civil  Affairs Office of Yin Jia County;                                   
·Town and Talent company;                                   
·Big  Wood Mountain management committee;

·Retired teacher association of Yin Jia County;
·All local people who provide us with information  and accept our interview;
·Western story literature club of Yin Jia  elementary school;

 Teacher:Zhang Yan、Lei Quhua;
 Student:Qiu Jinxiang、Gou Yuxia、Bai Anfeng、Cheng Peng、Luo Ping、Yang Xiaoqing、
         Du Xia、Lei Chaowen、Li Jing、Yuan Miao、Yuan Ziling、Qiu Xiaohui。

School: Sichuan province's bazhong city Yin Jia primary school
Yin home center primary school , BaZhong City, SiChuan Province, P.R. China       Tel:013778794208