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    Last semester our web page works have won the competition first prize, white gold medal in network exposition, everyone were encouraged, because it is the first time that we have made such good results, which didn't even heard before, let alone to do it. In October, web contest registration began again, our administrator teacher registered for us on the Internet. We were busy again so that made up 6 people group immediately, carefully understood the demand of this year's web series. With the teacher's guidance and help, we tried to make web pages independently, though we think it is difficult, but it is a challenging task, so everyone of our team were very excited, immediately entered the research state of the project.     ;Yuan Jiaxiang is old people aged over 60, who is a long-term supernumerary personnel in party and government department, but he didn't spend energy chasing a secure job; Seemingly not famous, but he could work for several decades in the center of the Yin Jia party and government departments to get praise from leadership of each session and trust from people. Electing him as the theme of web page making, it is mainly to carry forward his noble quality of wholeheartedly for the people and the selfless dedication, although our ability is limited, we firmly believe that in this way, friends all over the world will know Yuan Jiaxiang, at the same time we also hope that through this way, more people can visit Big Wood Mountain in our hometown


School: Sichuan province's bazhong city Yin Jia primary school
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