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Time Work item Contents
2013.10.8 team up, Confirm the subject of project, Computer interest group was composed of 2 teachers and 3 students, the theme of the project was defined as “Walking on the path in the Big Wood Mountain ”.
2013.10.17 Sign up on line, Teacher sign up for us on line.
2013.10.18-10.24 search information about Yuan Jiaxiang on internet, Have digital camera and DV at the ready, Understand some of the information about Yuan Jiaxiang’s deeds.
Borrowed teacher’s digital camera and school's DV
2013.10.26 Confirm the person we will visit, Conducting Yuan Jiaxiang interviews,
2013.10.29 Visit Big Wood Mount ion, Take photos, Three?team members responsible for?the interview with Yuan Jiaxiang?the old man?and the nearby?people,?two other?team members responsible for?taking pictures,especially the?big wood?mountain?rock?picture?book
2013.10.30- 2013.11.7 Sort out various materials, Division of labor,?and sorting out the data
2013.11.8 Stop by the classrooms to widespread Yuan Jiaxiang’s spirit, Five players?placement?publicity
2013.11.9-11.13 Webpage making,

use of extracurricular activity time and two-day weekends to make webpage more guided by our teachers.

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