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    In order to let more people know about my hometown, understand Yuan Jiaxiang, understand his selfless dedication and noble quality for the interests of the people, our team made a bold decision: share what we saw and heard of one month with the entire school students. We separately promoted this spirit to each class in all forms, especially the spirit of no personal gain and loss, only serving for the people. Through this activity, it cultivates students’ communication skill, which also makes the whole school students share our achievements.
    Through the efforts of nearly two days, our team of five students finally completed the task. School principals and teachers gave high evaluation of our action. This week by each member of our team's effort, the most school students further understand the role model around us --- Yuan Jiaxiang old man, although we all feel very tired this week, this harvest lets us feel very satisfied in the mind, all think we did a great thing, which has a strong sense of achievement.

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