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Zhang Xuemei held cordial talks with the masses
Helps family involved lack of laborers to resume post Disaster production

Zhang Xuemei was honored as one of the Top ten people touching Sichuan in 2013

Zhang Xuemei, worked from 2009, put the "work has no difference in itself" as her professional conduct, who had gone to every family of Dayakou village in a month, wrote investigation report on village development construction of Dayakou village, held "masses Forum "creatively in Yin hometown, and in the long-term work with the people, summed up the work of the masses by the method of "family style communication, afterwards contrast, participation service" as the main content.
Her personal income is scanty, but never stingy to care for others, help others, and never give up when she was ill. In these years, she has donated 13 villagers and children, donated more than 100 thousand yuan to the patients of Li Junzhuo and Zhang Yan.
In cancer cases, she still faced the risk of flash floods and rushed to the landslide section to evacuate the mass, organized the people to raise funds to construct Village Road highway, improved travel conditions, developed industry, let more than 100 acres of abandoned orchard? become a medicinal garden, led villagers tofocus on recovery production. In four years, the income of villagers has raised from the initial per capita income 3000 yuan to 5000 yuan
In March 5th this year, Zhang Xuemei was listed in top ten people in "touching Sichuan 2013". Now, she is still lying in bed and struggling with the illness , and she still hopes to stand up to do more practical things for the village.

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