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Title: Wait for when pediment is brilliant, she laugh in the clump

Category: Local Leaders

Our team is consist of six members, a guidance teacher (Yuan Fengwu) and five students: Bai Anfeng (15 years old), Zhang Ruolan (13 years old), Cai Haiyan (14 years old), Yuan Linying (13 years old), Lei Chaowen (14 years old), and after more than 60 days efforts, we finished the work finally. Under the guidance of the teacher, we try to make webpage at the first time, although it is not very well, we have done our best, at least we knew that it needs a lot of processes from the planning to begin collecting material, to make website, finally released, through the joint efforts of us, at the same time, in the production process, we also learned a lot of knowledge which we never learned in junior high school classroom

School: Sichuan province Bazhong city Enyang district Yinjia primary school
Principal: He Dingliang
School address: No 14 Yinjiapu street, Yinjia township, Enyang district, Bazhong city, Sichuan province

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