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1、Description of “Our Comunity”:

ang District Yinjia town is located in the the junction of Ba town, Yi town and Lang town the three three counties, where has beautiful scenery. In August last year, the village official Zhang Xuemei in Dayakou village Yin Jia townwas suffering from cancer, but she still insisted on working, during Chemotherapy time, she was still worried about the villagers, and wrote a letter
to party secretary, urged the leadership to pay attention to DaYakou village at a convenient time, the matter has aroused strong repercussions...
After much investigation, we further knew the story of this "example".
2、Summary of Our Project:
our many personally visits to the DaYakou village, to better understand Xue Mei's moving deeds, further understanding the Through ordinary but great "celebrity"... Through understanding Xue Mei in many aspects, we feel a lot and gain more.
3、Our Computer and Internet Access
Our school is using an ADSL modem go connect to the Internet, 5 members do not access to the web at home, there are only three computers have Internet access in the school office, and the computer configuration is very low, the internet speed is particularly slow. Students have no computer room, so under the guidance of the teacher, most
of the contents on the website are finished in spare time with the computer of the teacher's office.
4、Problems We Had To Overcome?

The school computer network speed is slow
to mobilize all resources to find information online; 
as long as you are willing to use the brain, 
there's always a way
the students are not familiar with the graphics 
processing,Webpage production is also quite strange;
learn to use, to ask the teacher;
through the  study, we can quickly grasp the
essentials of graphics processing;

Team activity time is seriously insufficient.

make full use of weekend and the extracurricular  activities
We must arrange activities carefully 
5、Our Project Sound Bite

Although sister Xue Mei is just an ordinary college student village official, she do not care about personal gains and losses, have the courage to play, willing to sacrifice, and like to help others, even if she got the cancer, she never forgot for the sake of others, she is a good example for us to learn, and she is Yin people's pride. Through the communication with the
villagers in Wu village, we have a more profound understanding on the side of the "celebrity".
Although our strength is weak, all aspects of the level is not high, we have transferred the selfless courage of Xue Mei to the world friends. In more than 60 days, we worked together for a common goal, although we were very hard, we get more joy! I believe that through our efforts, we will have a deeper understanding on our side model - Xue Mei!

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